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Neo Microneo Puzzle

Neo Microneo Puzzle

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An educational and fun puzzle from the Neo concept to practice fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. This is a robust wooden puzzle for kids. There are five slightly thicker, but at the same time light, puzzle pieces that make it easy for even the smallest fingers to pick up. Under each piece of the puzzle, you will also find the names of the MicroNeos.

These friends may look a little crazy, but they can do amazing things.

ChloroBo - Love to make the air clean and fresh for us to breathe.

MicroBo - Cleans the soil and makes it nutritious again for the flowers.

LaCilla - Makes food better and healthier.

Belensius - Fixes everything that is broken, we do not know how, but somehow it works.

Ocapus - Helps plants grow by adding important particles from the air to the roots.

Length 30cm, Width 20cm, Height 2.5cm

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